Upenn thank you note essay example

As the end of the school year approaches, seniors all across the country are gearing up to graduate from high school and embark on the next chapter of their lives.

For many, this includes attending college. One university that has gained a reputation for excellence in academics and student experience is the University of Pennsylvania (UPenn).

As part of the application process, UPenn asks students to write a thank you note essay.

This unique essay prompt not only allows students to showcase their writing skills, but it also gives them the opportunity to reflect on the importance of gratitude and appreciation.

In this article, we will take a closer look at UPenn’s thank you note essay and why it has become such an integral part of the university’s application process.

First and foremost, let’s dive into the essay prompt itself. UPenn asks applicants to write a thank you note to a person, group, or community that has had a meaningful influence on their lives.

This could be anyone from a family member, teacher, friend, or even an entire organization.

The key here is that students are encouraged to choose someone or something that has had a positive impact on their personal growth and development.

This essay is not just about saying ‘thank you’ but also about reflecting on how others have shaped us into the individuals we are today.

The essay prompt may seem simple, but it is anything but. In just 200-300 words, students are challenged to express their gratitude, highlight how this person or group has influenced them, and provide a glimpse into their personal values and beliefs.

Therefore, it requires careful thought and reflection. This is why the thank you note essay has become a standout feature of the UPenn application process.

It allows the admissions committee to gain insight into applicants’ character, passions, and experiences, beyond what can be seen on their transcripts and test scores.

Moreover, the thank you note essay aligns with UPenn’s values and mission as a university.

Community and service are integral parts of UPenn’s culture, and this essay prompt reflects that. By asking students to acknowledge and appreciate those who have made a difference in their lives, UPenn is not only promoting the importance of gratitude, but also the value of relationships and how they shape us.

UPenn seeks well-rounded individuals who will contribute to the university’s diverse and vibrant community.

Therefore, this essay prompt gives applicants the opportunity to showcase the qualities that UPenn values in its students.

Additionally, the thank you note essay is an excellent platform for students to showcase their writing skills.

The ability to express gratitude and reflect on personal growth in a concise and compelling manner is a valuable skill that will serve students well in college and beyond.

This essay prompt also allows for creativity and originality. Applicants can choose to write a traditional heartfelt thank you letter or experiment with a more unconventional approach, such as a poem or drawing.

This allows students to bring their unique voice and perspective to their application, making it stand out among the thousands of other applications UPenn receives each year.

In conclusion, UPenn’s thank you note essay is a perfect example of how a simple essay prompt can have a significant impact on the admissions process.

It not only provides insight into applicants’ character and values but also aligns with UPenn’s mission and values as a university.

By asking students to express gratitude and reflect on their personal growth, UPenn is not only selecting academically accomplished students but also well-rounded individuals who will make a positive impact on the UPenn community.

So, to all the future applicants out there, take your time to reflect, express gratitude, and make your thank you note essay an exceptional one.

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