Communism in russia essay

In the years following the 1917 Russian Revolution, the Soviet Union introduced Communism as its governing ideology and implemented a restructuring of the state.

Under Communism, the government assumed control of the economy and all the means of production. Property, formerly owned by independent individuals or businesses, was made common state property, production was centrally planned, and private entrepreneurship was abolished.

Inequality between social classes and between different communities and provinces was drastically reduced, and the ruling class was disbanded.

The government regulated industry, created jobs, provided housing and education, and nationalized healthcare and welfare services.

Workers were given a steep wage increases as well as job security through collective bargaining with factory owners.

However, production standards were kept low and employment rates tended to remain high due to a lack of incentive to produce efficiently.

Despite some successes, such as near full employment, economic growth stagnated and most citizens lived in poverty.

The government imposed censorship and regulations on the press, with the Communist Party maintaining a stranglehold on public opinion and expression.

Despite the lack of economic freedom, the Soviet Union forced into space exploration, which became a symbol of its successes.

But, under increasing international pressure, and general dissatisfaction among its citizens, the system imploded and ultimately imploded in 1991.

The fall of the Soviet Union led to a transition in Russian society that saw some areas improving while others, such as the economy, suffered for years to come.

Although Communism has been abandoned in Russia and the former Soviet republics, its effects are still felt in the country. In the wake of its collapse, Russia moved away from Communism and embraced capitalism.

This created a contrast between the two systems and a debate over their relative successes and failures.

Each system has its benefits and drawbacks, and it’s up to each individual to decide which system they believe is most beneficial and best suited for their country.

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