Ielts writing

IELTS Writing Task 1, also known as a report, asks candidates to describe data that is presented in various forms including charts, tables, diagrams, and maps.

For example, the report may provide a series of data in the form of a line graph, bar chart or pie chart.

Task 1 requires the candidate to summarize the data presented in the graph, table or diagram accurately in a 150-word report.

The candidate must explain the salient points of the data in a clear and concise manner.

The report must include a comprehensive introduction, body paragraphs with organized information, and an effective conclusion.

Coherent language, word choice, and grammar usage can result in a higher score.

Additionally, presenting the data in the present simple tense may also be beneficial for scoring.

Task 1 requires a mastery of strong analytical skills as well as an understanding of English Language conventions and structure.

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