How to write an argumentative essay

An argumentative essay is a type of writing that requires the writer’s ability to analyze the given subject matter, point out and form an opinion on the arguments discussed and then draw a valid conclusion about those arguments.

The best way to start an argumentative essay is by brainstorming ideas and then researching as much as possible on the chosen topic.

Once the research is done, the writer must determine which points are most important for the essay and then submit a thesis statement that outlines the main arguments.

The body of the essay should include evidence that backs up the thesis statement, which will help to prove the main points that are raised in the essay.

At the end of the essay, the writer should include a conclusion that wraps up the points discussed and shows the reader how the evidence presented in the essay has led to the conclusions made.

An argumentative essay should be written clearly and concisely, and the main points should be supported with facts and reliable sources.

Through this, the reader will be able to better understand the opinion being expressed by the writer.

Furthermore, the essay should not include any personal opinion, but should be strictly factual and based on reliable sources.

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