Good argumentative essay topics

Argumentative essays are a great way to challenge students’ critical thinking skills, their knowledge and their writing abilities.

Finding good argumentative essay topics doesn’t have to be difficult. You can find topics in contemporary culture, moral, social, political and financial topics, and a few random topics as well.

Here are some good argumentative essay topics to consider: Should the death penalty be abolished?

Should it be easier for people to immigrate to the United States?

Should gun control laws be stricter? What is the role of technology in our lives?

Should education be free for all? Should students be required to wear uniforms?

What should be the minimum wage in the United States?

Should marriage be redefined? Should marijuana be legalized?

Should animal testing be outlawed?

How should we address climate change? Is it just to use DNA testing to convict criminals?

What role does corporate responsibility play in businesses?

Should the concepts of gender and race be abolished? Is it wrong to use genetic modification to create so-called “designer babies”?

What should be done to tackle global poverty?

Can the growing world population be fed without destroying the environment?

Are smart phone applications beneficial to our health?

Is peer pressure a good or bad thing?

These are only a few of the possible argumentative essay topics.

With the right amount of research, students should be able to find a topic that is interesting to them and that they can develop into a well-reasoned and well-written argument.

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