Morning walk essay

Walking in the morning has always been a great pleasure of mine. The freshest air, brisk and cool touches my skin, as I take fresh deep breaths and savor the feeling of being outside and in nature.

I can see the sky slowly being lit up by the shimmering rays of sunshine, while flowers in flourishing hues greet my eyes with their beautifully swaying petals.

The birds cheerfully start their day with their sweet melodious tunes while small animals scurry off to find their treasured homes.

The sound of the rustling leaves and the random chirping of insects create a peaceful ambience that I never want to end.

Even the ground, worn down and rugged by the deep crunching of fallen leaves, tells tales of wildlife and the night before.

I take leisurely steps, so that I can take in the sights, sounds and smells that make up this precious morning walk.

As I observe all these things, I find myself filled with a deep sense of appreciation and admiration.

It may only last for a few short moments, but it is enough to start my day right and fill me with an eagerness to experience more.

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