Use of public transport essay

Public transport is a subject that has been of great importance in the present day scenario.

With sky rocketing fuel prices, the need to opt for public transport has become all the more essential.

Public transport is cheaper, more reliable and more efficient in comparison to the use of private transport.

The benefits of using public transport are both economic and environmental.

In terms of economic benefits, the use of public transport helps to save on personal commuting expenses.

Apart from that, by reducing the number of private cars on roads, public transport keeps a check on the use of fuel and hence helps to reduce pollution.

This, in turn, helps to restrain global warming and due to its cost effectiveness, also helps to save the people’s hard earned money.

Public transport also prevents traffic clogs, saves time and energy related to the need to find a parking space, and reduced the cost and trouble of maintaining a private vehicle.

On the environmental front too, public transport reflects its superiority.

Public transport generally run on electricity, so the carbon emissions are significantly reduced.

This helps to prevent damage to the environment and prevents the air from getting polluted due to the excess pollutants released by the private modes of transport.

Again, the use of public transport encourages people to be more considerate towards nature and leads to increased awareness of the same.

Public transport, thus, has numerous advantages over the use of private transport, and should be encouraged for the betterment of the society.

Governments should provide more funds to support and develop public transport infrastructure, as this would help to reduce pollution and benefit the common man in numerous ways.

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