Townsend harris essay

Townsend Harris was an important figure in the mid-19th century, and his legacy is still remembered to this day.

Although he wasn’t one of the most famous presidents or abolitionists, he had a tremendous impact on the world he lived in.

From an early age, Townsend Harris was known to be a hard-working and committed student.

He received scholarships to prestigious universities, including Columbia College, and applied himself to his studies.

Despite his humble beginnings, he was able to accomplish incredible feats, such as being appointed as Consul General of the United States in Japan.

He was known for his strong negotiating abilities, which secured the treaty of the Commercial Treaty of 1858, which opened up trade opportunities between the two countries.

His time in Japan is also remembered for his humanitarian efforts, such as the founding of the Fukahi Kanseishin hospital and agricultural school.

In addition to these accomplishments, Townsend Harris also wrote essays that made profound statements about practices and customs which he encountered during his time in Japan.

His essays helped to shape the views and attitudes of people in both America and Japan, and provide insight into the complex cultural interactions between the two countries.

Townsend Harris’s legacy will be remembered for generations to come, because of his contributions to diplomatic and cultural relations between the United States and Japan.

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