My daily routine essay

My daily routine starts every morning when I wake up and head to the kitchen to make breakfast.

On days that are not too rushed, I like to spend time drinking my morning coffee while I relax and check the news.

After breakfast, I plan my tasks for the day and then I jump into my work.

During the day, if the weather is nice, I like to take regular breaks in the backyard or nearby park and spend time outside.

Exercise is also a part of my daily routine and I like to try to fit at least thirty minutes in every day.

Once an afternoon, I make myself a quick and healthy lunch.

After lunch, I try to focus on any personal projects that I have, like reading or writing.

After that, I spend time catching up on emails and checking in with colleagues before I settle into the remaining work for the day.

Right as the sun starts to set I take a deep breath and start to wind down. I usually try to take some time out of the day to do something fun, like playing a game or watching a movie.

Once it’s time to finish up I try to make sure I check off everything on my list and finish preparing for the following day.

After that, I like to make dinner and spend quality time with family and friends.

Finally, I try to spend at least a half an hour winding down for the day. And with that, my day is over and I’m ready for bed.

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