Parts of an essay

An essay is a formal writing sample of a given topic composed of multiple paragraphs. The following are the essential components of an essay:

Introduction: The introduction provides background information on the topic and introduces the main argument or point.

It should include the essay’s thesis statement, which explains the main idea of the essay in one sentence.

Body: The body of an essay typically consists of several paragraphs, each of which presents a distinct point or aspect of the main argument.

These points are usually supported by evidence and factual data.

Conclusion: The conclusion to an essay summarizes the main points of the essay, restates the thesis statement, and draws the essay to a close.

For some essays, the conclusion may also include a call to action or a suggestion for further research.

Overall, the essay should have a logical flow of thought and clear organization, making it easy for the reader to comprehend the main points of the essay.

When put together, the parts of an essay create a cohesive whole and help the reader understand the author’s argument.

Writing an essay