Difference between skimming and scanning essay

Skimming and scanning are two different reading strategies used to extract information from texts.

They are both useful techniques for reading effectively, but they have different goals and employ different methods.

Skimming involves reading the text quickly to get a general overview of the content, while scanning involves searching for specific details or words using your eyes or your fingers.

Skimming usually involves reading the introduction and conclusion of a text, and the first sentences of each paragraph.

In this way, skimmers can get an overview of the text without having to read all of it.

Scanners, on the other hand, look for specific words or phrases in the text and skip the rest.

This technique is useful when researching a particular topic, or when you want to find the answer to a specific question fast.

In general, skimming is better for getting a quick overview of a text, while scanning is best for searching for specific information.

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