What were the benefits of english rule essay

The English rule over India had many benefits that laid the groundwork for India’s current success.

One of the main benefits was the cultural exchange between the English and Indian peoples.

Through English rule, the Indians were exposed to a new civilization, customs, and laws, which in the long term, allowed the nation to grow.

Furthermore, due to the English rule, India was able to benefit economically.

The English rule helped introduce new markets and industries as well as new crops that helped India become self-sufficient.

Moreover, English rule brought with it an improved infrastructure. This allowed India to build better roads, educational systems, and even medical systems that are so important in any nation.

These advancements also proved to be incredibly beneficial in India’s progress. Lastly, the English rule led to the spread of democracy in India.

This is perhaps was the most important benefit of English rule as it allowed the citizens of India to elect their own representatives and gain more power in government.

English rule laid the groundwork for India that allowed the country to grow and progress in a way it likely couldn’t have before.

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