Billy elliot essay

Billy Elliot is an inspirational story about a young boy from a small mining town in England who discovers his passion for dance and his inner strength to pursue his dreams.

The story is set in the turbulent times of the 1984 UK miners’ strike, and this adds an additional layer of drama and complexity to the plot.

Through Billy’s courage and determination against all odds, he finds himself on the path to follow his ambition and break the gender boundaries within his small community.

The central protagonist in the film, Billy, is portrayed as an ordinary 11-year-old who loves music, but also loves ballet.

He finds and pursues his passion despite the disapproval of his father, and the exclusion and ridicule of his peers.

Through this pursuit, Billy discovers his own strengths and inner courage that he never knew he had.

Despite the odds he faces, including being bullied by his former best friend, and some adults who detest his hobby, Billy’s parents and teacher support him and inspire him to take part in the Royal Ballet’s audition.

The progression of the plot is filled with moments of joy, sadness, and frustration as Billy experiences both supports and set-backs on his journey.

Although his mother is reluctant to accept his unconventional hobby, she eventually decides to support his dreams despite the disapproval of his father and danger of being isolated in a “small town”.

Billy’s story is ultimately heart-warming as he overcomes many obstacles and succeeds in becoming a professional ballet dancer.

‘Billy Elliot’ inspires viewers to dare to dream, act upon their ambitions, and believe in themselves.

The story assists in removing gender-based stereotypes and replacing them with different and powerful ways that individuals can act on their emotional and physical capabilities.

The film is overall a powerful and uplifting story that manages to capture the importance of never giving up on dreams and raising awareness of society’s prejudices that still remain relevant today.

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