Acharya devo bhava essay writing in english

Acharya Devo Bhava is an ancient and wise adage from India which means ‘Teacher is like God’.

This proverb is a token of respect for one’s teacher and stems from the ancient Indian teachings that emphasize the importance of teachers in society.

The concept of Acharya Devo Bhava highlights the respect and reverence we must show our teachers, who have a huge responsibility for our success in society.

They are the ones who are instrumental in moulding our minds, values and values.

Thus, it is the responsibility of every student to duly honour his/her teacher, abide by their instructions and endeavour to learn from them in all possible ways.

A teacher who guides us, lovingly appoints us on the right path and helps us to realize our fullest potential, should be given utmost respect and reverence.

A student should sincerely obey the words of the teacher and focus on learning from him/her.

The knowledge imparted by the teacher should be seen as a gift and a blessing, and for everything the student has been taught, an expression of gratitude should be given.

A teacher is a mentor who brings out the best in us. He/she can provide inputs on our daily goals, help us focus better on studies, suggest strategies for our career and professional development, provide inspiration and create a safe learning environment for us.

A teacher guides us on every step and it is for this reason that we need to express our utmost gratitude towards the teacher for providing us with such a wide array of life skills and knowledge.

Hence, Acharya Devo Bhava is an important concept in India and should be practiced by one and all.

Giving respect to teachers and showing reverence to them is the best way to honor their hard work and dedication.

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