Gibbs reflective cycle example essay

Gibbs Reflective Cycle encourages a clear description of the situation, an analysis of feelings, an evaluation of the experience, an analysis of any actions taken and an appraisal of the outcomes.

This cycle provides a structured approach to reflection, and can help to ensure that relfections are deep and helpful. In this essay, I will use Gibbs Reflective Cycle to reflect upon an experience encountered during my clinical placement as a student nurse.

The situation involves a patient who had been admitted to the ward following a stroke.

This patient has physical disabilities and a severe speech impairment, and he can barely move.

During my assessment of this patient, I felt frustrated and helpless because I could barely understand him.

I also felt anxious because I was not sure how to approach him and complete the assessment while allowing him a sense of dignity.

In evaluation of the experience, I recognise the importance of overcoming these negative feelings and using empathy.

It is important to take the time to observe the patient and try to understand them rather than simply completing the assessment as a checklist.

I also understand that being able to give the patient some autonomy is paramount to a successful assessment.

My analysis of any action I took at the time reveals that I was engaging with the patient in a professional manner, and allowing them to respond if they were able.

During the assessment, I approached the patient with a level of respect and allowed him to talk, or just listen to music, whatever he felt he wanted to do.

I also remember speaking clearly and in a considerate tone.

Finally, the appraisal of the outcomes reveals that, while the assessment was unsuccessful in terms of getting tangible results, the patient did end up feeling comfortable and understood.

I believe that this is something that can only be judged in success or failure retrospectively and by observing the patient’s reaction to the assessment.

In conclusion, reflection is a vital process to help nurse’s develop and performance and patient’s experience.

Using Gibbs Reflective Cycle has been invaluable in helping me to tie down the situation, evaluate my feelings, analyse my action and appraise the outcomes.

Through this reflective process, I have developed my abilities further and increased my awareness of appropriate interventions for difficult situations.

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