Google translate

Google Translate is a free multilingual machine translation service developed by Google, to translate text, speech, images, sites, or real-time video from one language into another.

It offers a website interface, mobile apps for Android and iOS, and an API that helps developers build browser extensions and software applications.

Google Translate supports over 100 languages at various levels and as of May 2017, serves over 500 million people daily. This makes Google Translate one of the largest of its kind.

Google Translate can translate several forms of text and media, including text, speech, images, sites, or real-time video.

For example, it allows users to view websites in different languages easily, or to read street signs on a foreign holiday.

It can also help with conversational language, enabling two people who do not share a common language to communicate.

By offering translations in both directions, Google Translate also helps non-native speakers of a language to improve their comprehension and fluency.

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