Tree plantation essay

Tree plantation is an important programme that needs to be undertaken by everyone in order to protect our environment.

Trees are an important part of the environment as they are home to numerous species of animals and birds.

They also help in reducing the temperature of the atmosphere and provide us oxygen and fresh air.

Trees also absorb carbon dioxide which is actually the main cause of global warming and save us from the harmful effects of climate change.

Trees produce oxygen and other particles which improve air quality and reduce noise pollution.

Tree plantation also helps in preventing soil erosion and floods and all sorts of environmental disasters.

Trees also help in preventing water pollution by absorbing toxic materials like lead and mercury and thereby purifying the water.

Trees bring a lot of benefits and beautify the environment. It is every individual’s duty to plant trees in their surroundings and take care of them in order to make sure that our environment remains as it is.

We need to create awareness of the importance of tree plantation among people by promoting it in various ways like outdoor campaigns, newspaper advertisements, etc.

Government should also take initiative to promote tree plantation and punish those who are responsible for cutting down trees illegally.

Trees have a deep impact on the environment and if everyone takes the responsibility of planting trees, then we can easily protect the environment for future generations.

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