My startup dream essay

Dreams are the fuel to our lives. They motivate us to continue to strive to reach our goals.

For me, my dream is to start my own company; a dream that has been with me since I was a child.

Growing up, I always had an entrepreneurial spirit. I was always coming up with ideas for new products or services that I felt would benefit others.

However, I had no idea how to go about creating a business and, as a result, most of my ideas were simply ideas.

It was only when I was presented with an opportunity to take a business class at my school that I began to think more seriously about turning my dreams into reality.

The business class opened a whole new world to me. I learned about the fundamentals of business such as accounting, marketing, operations, etc.

More importantly, I learned what it took to start a business. After that class, I developed an action plan; a plan that is still in motion today.

From the start, I vowed that I would take the necessary steps to turn my dream into reality.

I have entered numerous business planning competitions, taken part in multiple industry events, and conducted a multitude of research projects, all with the aim of furthering my entrepreneurial journey.

My startup dream entails creating a successful company that provides environmentally-friendly products focused on preserving the environment.

It is a dream that I have worked hard to develop and I hope to make a reality through hard work, dedication, and perseverance.

Although starting a business is no easy feat, I believe that if I remain focused and determined, I can make my dream a reality.

Whenever I am feeling discouraged or overwhelmed, I look towards my dream for motivation.

For me, the most rewarding feeling will be the moment I can draw a line between my dream and its successful realization.

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