Essay topics

Essay topics can be broad and varied, from the interesting to the mundane, and from the factual to the opinionated.

Choosing the right essay topic involves looking at the possibilities carefully and deciding upon a topic which fits your academic needs, your interests, and delivers an idea which is worthy of discussion.

First, you must consider the scope of the essay you will be writing: will you focus on a single idea, or make a broader survey of several topics?

Next, consider the resources available to you- published materials, personal experience, and even interviews with experts can all contribute to the body of your essay.

Finally, make sure your essay topic is relevant to the course you are writing for. Your professor will often provide you with suitable topics to choose from, and can assist you in finding the best angle for your essay.

For instance, a professor of Literature might require an essay discussing the symbolism of a particular novel, or a professor of Art History might ask for an essay analyzing the importance of a particular painting.

By following these steps, you can be sure of finding a topic which will be both interesting to you and relevant to your course.

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