Child labour essay

Child labour is an endemic problem across the world, and it is one of the gravest injustices facing the current generation.

It is both heartbreaking and disheartening to find that almost every child in the world today is deprived of a life of health, happiness, and basic human rights.

It’s not just the fact the children are deprived of these rights; it’s the circumstances and surroundings that the children are subjected to when they are forced to work.

They are forced to work in hazardous, polluted, and dangerous environments and many of them suffer from physical and mental abuse.

In addition to this, children are required to work long hours with very little or no wages, and they don’t even receive the basic educational support which every child needs to develop into an able-bodied adult.

The causes of child labour are various and complex, but the main ones include extreme poverty, inadequate educational facilities, a lack of employment opportunities, and a lack of enforcement of existing laws.

To fight child labour, governments should implement proper laws and regulations to prevent employers from exploiting children, international and non-governmental organizations should provide free quality education for all children, and families should be encouraged to send their children to school rather than work.

Additionally, public awareness should be increased about the harsh realities of child labour and it should be treated as an unacceptable practice.

Ultimately, to end child labour, a holistic approach is required which addresses the underlying root causes of the issue.

Only then may we be able to usher in an era of social justice and ensure that all children have the opportunity to realize their potential.

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