Essay on computer in english

Computers have changed the way we work, live and communicate in a big way.

From the banks to the small shops, everyone is using some kind of computer technology as part of their daily routine.

Computers have enabled us to access, process and store vast amounts of data and information in a very short span of time.

It has helped businesses bridge the gap between different geographical locations, people of diverse socio-economic background, and even different generations.

Schools and universities use technology everyday to teach students who are not physically present in class rooms.

Computers have significantly improved the speed of communication.

We can now send and receive emails, chat, video conference, and interact using social networking sites.

The use of computers has been extended to virtually all fields such as engineering, manufacturing, medicine, sciences, design, and entertainment.

For example, with the help of computers, professionals can diagnose a disease and generate its cure with the help of software’s.

Similarly, the use of computers for entertainment purposes has proven to be a boon for the entertainment industry.

Computers have also helped reduce the cost of production. This has resulted in increased efficiency at workplaces, and decreased manual labor.

This has also successfully reduced time consumed to carry out tasks as well.

With the help of computers, people have become dependent on the internet for various information, shopping, recreation, work etc.

However, despite the advantages of computers, there are certain disadvantages too.

Excessive dependence on computers can lead to a lack of knowledge and understanding, as people tend to rely too heavily on machines for their decisions.

Also, computers are believed to have certain negative effects on our health too, such as the damaging of eyes due to staring at the monitor for long hours.

Furthermore, even the most sophisticated computers can be hacked and personal data stolen, thus, creating a major security risks. In summary, computers have had a major positive impact on humanity, although certain precautions should be taken to ensure its effective and safe use.

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