Synonyms for shows in an essay

Shows can be an effective way to reinforce or emphasize an idea when writing an essay.

Synonyms for shows include illustrates, demonstrates, reveals, indicates, exhibits, and manifests.

When used in an essay, these words can help writers draw conclusions from evidence, strengthen weak arguments, and enhance readers’ understanding of the concept being discussed.

For example, if the essay is discussing how obesity can be linked to diabetes, the author could use a phrase such as, “This indicates a strong correlation between obesity and diabetes.

This phrase not only shows the point the author is trying to make, but also adds emphasis to reinforce the idea.

Similarly, a phrase such as “This manifests the fact that…” can be effective in pointing out, and emphasizing, the significance of the evidence presented.

Writers should avoid using these words too often, as too many can become counterproductive, but they can be useful when used strategically.

Synonyms for shows are valuable tools for reinforcing and strengthening an essay.

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