What is a thesis

A thesis statement is a sentence or two that clearly states the main point of an essay, research paper, or any other written piece.

It should be clear, specific, and contain the main idea of your paper.

Additionally, a thesis statement should be arguable, meaning it should not be a statement of fact.

It should provide a framework for the rest of the paper or essay, and the rest of the paper should support the thesis statement.

Most importantly, it should be something that the writer can reasonably support with evidence from reliable and scholarly sources.

A thesis statement should be concise, containing no more than one or two sentences.

It is important to thoroughly research the topic beforehand, as a thesis statement is the backbone of an essay and should be very specific and precise.

Depending on the purpose of the essay, the thesis will differ – for example, a narrative essay may have a different thesis than a research paper on the same topic.

In the end, a good thesis statement is not just an opinion, but a logical statement that can be backed up by facts and research.

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