Quarterly essay

The Quarterly Essay is an Australian journal of politics and culture which is published by the company, Black Inc.

It is published four times a year and each issue is devoted to a single topic or theme.

The Quarterly Essay features some of Australia’s most respected political and cultural commentators, which makes it one of the most authoritative journals of its kind in Australia.

The topics can range from broad political and economic debates to specific social and cultural issues.

Each issue includes several essays, which provide different perspectives and insights into the chosen topic.

Additionally, each issue also includes an interview with a noted expert in the chosen field and a selection of book and film reviews.

The Quarterly Essay provides an opportunity for Australia’s thought-leaders, writers and activists to share their perspectives and engage in a meaningful dialogue on a wide range of contemporary issues.

Moreover, it serves as a platform where readers can join in the debate and develop a better understanding of the issues which shape our society.

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