Sex marriage essay

Marriage is a commitment between two individuals that transcends boundaries.

While the traditional definition of marriage has been between a man and a woman, society is now finally recognizing that marriage can be between two individuals, regardless of their sex.

This present dissertation seeks to address the current legal status of same-sex marriage and the challenges faced by those seeking to legalize it.

Through the analysis of existing research, it will be argued that same-sex marriage should be legal throughout the United States for several reasons.

First, the equal protection clause of the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex in marriage.

Second, the right to marry is a fundamental right that should not be subject to the approval of others; it is a personal choice.

Third, human rights must be implemented quickly and effectively to prevent further marginalization of same-sex couples.

After discussing these reasons, the paper will focus on some of the obstacles that same-sex couples face when seeking to legalize their union.

Finally, the paper will present several strategies that could help overcome these obstacles and enable same-sex couples to legalize their union.

In conclusion, the research discussed in this dissertation will further support the legitimacy of same-sex marriage, and it will show its importance to the U.S. legal system and to the society as a whole.

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