Rainy season essay

Rainy season is here and it’s time for hot soups, cozy blankets and umbrellas.

It is the most delightful season of the year. The onset of monsoon is a much-awaited time of the year, especially in India.

Also referred to as the “romantic season”, the monsoon interweaves its rhythms deep into our heart and soul.

During this season, clouds burst, the rain pours. The trees rustle, ponds brim and the world looks beautiful. The atmosphere is charged with joy and energy.

During the season, people get to experience the charming alternation of sunshine and raindrops.

Even though this season brings a respite from the scorching heat of the summer months, it comes with its own share of problems like water logging, water borne diseases, travel difficulties and disruption of daily activities.

It also becomes difficult to stay healthy during the season, especially since the onset of the monsoon brings along a host of infections.

Despite the difficulties involved, the season is a sure eye candy with lush greenery glittering everywhere.

The Lush greens with the aroma of rain-kissed earth truly speak of “bliss” for nature lovers, as they can wander in the beauty around. In this season, you can take pleasure in various fun activities with spouse and kids.

One such fun activity is playing in the rain. You can take your kids and dance in the rain. You can even take your partner to a picnic and explore the rain.

All in all, the rainy season is truly a delight for nature lovers.

For some, it is the best season to start a new project or career, as nature provides special blessings during the quench of thirst of the parched land.

It is full of surprises and thrills for everyone.

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