What is a bridge in an essay

A bridge in an essay is a transition between two sections of an argument or narrative.

It’s a way for the writer to create a smooth flow between ideas, connecting the reader from one point to the next.

Bridges do not just exist in language but also in visuals, such as film or other forms of artwork.

Bridges often help the writer clarify an idea or strengthen a point by using specific words, phrases, or imagery.

The bridge can also introduce a quote, provide a fact or statistic, or open up a new argument or explanation for the reader to consider.

When versatile bridges are effectively utilized in an essay, the reader can be captivated by the transition and are carried through the idea of the writing.

In making bridges, writers should give thought to the wording they use in order to enable the reader to easily follow along and understand the line of reasoning.

Doing so helps maintain the flow of the piece and create solidarity within the essay.

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