The in an essay should contain the essay’s topic and viewpoint

The first paragraph of an essay is essential as it introduces the topic and viewpoint of the essay.

It is important to ensure this paragraph captures the interest of the reader and motivates them to continue reading the essay.

The first paragraph should contain a clear thesis statement that indicates the main idea of the essay, as well as what the essay will be discussing.

Additionally, it should provide a brief introduction of the key points that will be discussed in the essay.

This will help to create a roadmap for the reader to use during the essay and keep them on track with understanding the larger arguments and/or evidence of the essay’s discussion.

The thesis statement should also remain consistent throughout the essay as it serves as the overall anchor to the essay’s discussion.

The introductory paragraph is the foundation for the rest of the essay and should be done properly to ensure the essay is well-structured and logical in its points.

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