Pte writing essay template

The PTE academic writing essay template should include the four essential elements of any essay which are introduction, body, conclusion and citations.

The introduction should introduce the topic to the reader.

It should state the main argument or point you are trying to make and give your readers an overview of the essay.

The body of the essay should be where you give supporting evidence and examples to your argument and provide evidence for your position.

You should provide relevant and interesting facts as well as relevant quotes and statistics.

The conclusion should summarize the main points of your essay and provide any further action to be taken if necessary.

It should also display the citation for any sources used in the body of the essay.

Finally, the citations should include the name of the source, the publication date, and the author.

All sources used should be properly cited and accurate.

Following this essay template will help you structure and present your essay in an effective and organized manner.

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