What does it mean to write academically

Writing academically means to craft a written argument or assessment based on an idea or facts and research within the discipline and its respective academic and professional standards.

It includes examining data, evaluating evidence, considering facts, and interpreting information.

Writing academically requires lucid communication and attention to the appropriate structure, organization and style of writing.

It also entails the use of appropriate sources, accuracy and precision in articulating argument which uses sound logic, research data, and analysis.

In order to effectively write academically, an author must be familiar with the discipline and its conventions, sources, terminology, rules of citation, and formatting requirements.

An academic writer needs to be able to critically assess literature and conduct research to produce evidence-based writing.

They must also have a clear understanding of the purpose of the writing and the boundaries of their role as a writer within the context of the discipline and its conventions.

Finally, they must effectively develop, defend, and present ideas in a persuasive, comprehensive, and meaningful manner which enhances understanding and stimulates learning.

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