Narrative writing

Narrative writing is a form of writing that tells a story. It could be a personal anecdote or a fictional story.

It usually has characters, setting, a plot, and a conflict. Narrative writing often has a moral or teaches a lesson to its readers.

The characters in narratives can be either real people, animals, or non-human characters.

In some narratives, these characters may switch roles between protagonists and antagonists, and in others, they stay true to one role.

The setting of a narrative describes the time and place where the narrative takes place, which gives readers a better understanding of the characters and plot of the story.

The plot is the chain of related events within the narrative. It includes the cause and effect of the story that leads to an eventual resolution.

The conflict is the root of the problem that prevents the main character from achieving their goal. In order to resolve the problem, the character must undergo a form of inner or outer transformation.

Narrative writing is a great way to bring stories to life and encourages readers to think about the story in a new way.

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