Dussehra essay in english

Dussehra, also known as Vijayadashami, is one of the most important Hindu festivals celebrated throughout India with great zeal and enthusiasm.

It marks the victory of Lord Rama over the mighty demon-king Ravana. On this day, effigies of Ravana and his clan are burnt as a mark of victory.

It also marks the importance of good over evil, as it is believed that it was the God’s power and presence in the form of Rama that helped the prince vanquish the powerful demon king.

Since then, it is celebrated by lighting diyas (earthen lamps or candles) to honor Rama’s victory.

The festival is celebrated with splendorous pomp and show in different parts of the country.

The nine-day long celebration is most grand in states such as Gujarat, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Tripura, Bihar, Uttaranchal and Madhya Pradesh.

In all these places, huge Ravan-shaped effigies are set afire in a public gathering while people chant ‘Rama Ram’ reflecting their happiness and joys while they witness the event.

In addition, several cultural programs and fairs are organized across the country to commemorate Rama’s victory.

The festivities include dance performances such as Raas-Garba, fancy dress competitions, puppet shows, etc.

Nevertheless, the main highlight of this day remains the worship of Goddess Durga who is believed to be the form of Shakti (power) that helped Rama in defeating the mighty Ravana.

At the end of the celebration, people indulge in festive feasts and exchange gifts with loved ones to mark the importance of this occasion.

Hence, Dussehra is an important festival in India that signifies the victory of good over evil.

It is celebrated with varieties of traditional and cultural activities that bring joy and cheer in the life of people throughout the country.

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