Student cribs

Students whine and complain about the most mundane topics.

From classes to dorms to cafeteria food, it seems like nothing is ever up to par.

Every semester they come back with new and outlandish complaints that have been building up from the previous school year.

Dorms are too small, classes have too much work and the cafeteria food is terrible, or so they say.

Teachers are too strict, the library closes too early and the Wi-Fi is too slow.

They pine over the quality of the dorm mattresses, the ungodly hours of the dining hall and the lack of decent extracurricular activities.

Complaining about the roommates is arguably the most common student complaint.

Nobody is ever satisfied with their living situation and after a few months, most have convinced themselves that the noise levels are too unbearable and they’re better off living alone.

The truth is, it’ll never be perfect. Life is filled with difficulties and nobody can find solace in every aspect of college life.

Student must accept the challenges and develop a thicker skin for the inevitable quirks that come with collegiate life.

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