How to end an essay

You have worked hard to capture the attention of the reader and to portray your opinion. Now you need to tie everything together in an effective conclusion.

The best way to do this is to restate your thesis statement; however, you should modify it slightly and sum it up in a stronger way.

Coming to an effective conclusion will take time, but it will be worth the effort. Your readers will appreciate a conclusion that will present the key points of the essay.

Furthermore, it should reference the introduction and tie together the points discussed in the entire essay.

This part of your essay should reflect a logical transition, so it is important to use appropriate vocabulary and sentence structure.

Make sure that referencing is consistent and your last paragraph succeeds in leaving a lasting impression on your readers.

Additionally, you should keep your conclusion free of any new information or evidence that could ruin your well-prepared paper.

The use of quotations is also a good way to accumulate a strong conclusion. Keep in mind that the conclusion should not be more than a few sentences.

Finally, you should dedicate some time to proofreading, since this part of your essay will determine your final impression.

Make sure to find any grammar or going back and revising any statements that need to be improved.

All these elements are necessary to ensure that your essay’s conclusion is accurate and impactful.

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