The essay that made the teacher cry

Essays are academic pieces of writing that students often use to express their thoughts, ideas, and opinions on various subjects.

Teachers are the primary audience of these essays and are responsible for evaluating them. They read countless essays every day, some of which may be exceptionally well-written, while some may lack creativity and originality.

However, there comes a time when a teacher reads an essay that is so emotionally powerful and moving that it leaves them in tears.

This is the story of the essay that made a teacher cry.

It was an ordinary school day when Mrs. Smith, a high school English teacher, was grading a batch of essays that her students had submitted as part of their final examination.

She was moving through the essays quickly, scoring them according to the rubric she had carefully crafted, until she came across one that made her pause.

The title read, ‘The Power of Forgiveness,’ written by one of her students, Lily.

Mrs. Smith had known Lily since her freshman year and had always admired her quiet demeanor and excellent writing skills.

But this essay was different. It touched a chord with her and reminded her why she chose to be a teacher in the first place.

As she read through the essay, she was in awe of Lily’s writing, which was filled with raw emotion, vulnerability, and a deep understanding of the subject.

Lily wrote about a personal experience of being bullied in middle school and how it had a severe impact on her mental health.

She candidly shared how she struggled to cope with the trauma, resulting in a downward spiral of depression and self-blame. But what stood out in the essay was Lily’s journey of forgiveness.

She wrote about how she found the strength and courage to forgive her bullies and, more importantly, herself.

Mrs. Smith was moved to tears as she read Lily’s words.

She could feel the pain, the hurt, and the ultimate triumph of forgiveness in every sentence.

The essay was not only well-written but also had a powerful message that transcended the boundaries of a school assignment.

The impact of Lily’s essay was not limited to her teacher. Mrs. Smith shared it with her colleagues and even the school principal, who was equally touched by the essay and asked Lily’s permission to read it out at the school assembly.

The principal believed that the students at the school needed to hear this powerful message about the power of forgiveness.

As expected, the essay received an excellent score and was even nominated for a school-wide writing competition.

However, for Lily, the real prize was seeing her teacher and classmates moved by her words.

She said that she had never opened up about her experience before and that writing the essay was a therapeutic experience for her.

This essay also had a significant impact on the rest of the students in Mrs. Smith’s class.

They were moved and inspired by Lily’s story, and some students even opened up about their struggles with bullying and mental health.

The essay started important conversations about forgiveness, compassion, and mental wellness, something that students often overlook in their daily lives.

In conclusion, the essay that made the teacher cry was more than just a school assignment.

It was a powerful tool that touched the hearts of everyone who read it and opened up important discussions about forgiveness, mental health, and the power of words.

It reminded us of the true purpose of education – to inspire, to incite change, and to create a better world.

As for Lily, she discovered that her words could make a difference, and she continues to write with the same courage and vulnerability, inspiring many others along the way.

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