Fit india essay writing in english

Fit India is a nation-wide campaign launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on August 29, 2019.

This campaign aimed at making India a fit nation. Through this campaign, the Prime Minister urged everyone to concentrate on physical, mental and social well-being for a happy life.

He also urged people to make fitness a part of everyone’s daily routine.

The Prime Minister said fitness is not about our body only. It is about mental health and healthy lifestyles.

He suggested that being fit includes having good physical health, being conscious about what you eat, having befriending habits and active lifestyles.

Moreover, the Prime Minister also asked government organisations, medical associations, fitness enthusiasts, corporate houses, and everyone to join this campaign.

He said that the campaign will be successful only when everyone comes together to make a fit India.

The Government of India has already taken many steps to make India Fit.

A few such steps are: regular health checks-ups in schools, providing nutritious food to schools, promoting physical activities at work sites, conducting periodic health programs, and providing a health insurance cover to all citizens.

It is very important for us to make ourselves, our families, and our nation a fit India.

This can be done by healthy eating, regular exercising, and quitting bad habits. Everyone should think of fitness not just as a duty but as a lifestyle and a source of pleasure. It is our duty to ensure that our environment remains clean and healthy.

We should grow plants and shrubs for fresh air and trees for rainwater harvesting.

The fit India initiative has been taken in the right direction by the Prime Minister at the right time to make India a fit nation. Let us all join our hands and strive for an India that is fit in every respect.

Let us fight for a fit India and make it a healthcare destination.

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