The world has more evil than good essay in english

The world is a difficult place to live in, without a doubt. Unfortunately, these days, it is regressing at a fast pace due to the increase in evil deeds throughout the world.

This increase in evil seems to be occurring mainly due to the lack of compassion and care amongst us. Everywhere you look, there is crime, hatred, violence, and greed.

Our morals and values are on a steady decline, and this, unfortunately, contributes greatly to the increase in evil.

Crimes such as theft, murder and rape are becoming more and more common.

Even those who are supposed to protect and care for us, like the police, have been known to cause and partake in such evil acts.

It has become evident all around us that there is more evil than good in the world.

Though we are flooded with such negative aspects, there are some parts of the world where the good outweighs the evil.

These places are usually ruled by a country with a good and honest government.

These countries are usually the first ones to help in times of crisis, and for this reason, they are well respected and admired.

However, such countries are few and far between, and unfortunately, it seems like they are not growing at the same rate as the countries with a society full of corruption and evil.

In conclusion, it is easy to see why the world has more evil than good.

With the rapid increase in crime and violence, and the lack of care towards each other, it is natural for evil to take over.

We must recognize this and strive to instill positivity in each other and restore our morals and values if we ever hope to attain a world full of good.

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