Anti ragging essay writing

Over time, the issue of ragging has been seen to have immense welfic effects on student’s all over the world.

Ragging includes all forms of physical or mental abuse that is meted out to freshers and this is something that should be discouraged in its entirety.

Essay writing can be one of the efficient ways of addressing this problem as it can give students an effective platform to channelize their thoughts about ragging and also educate others on the same.

It can also be an easy way to reach a wide audience and also send a strong message against any form of ragging.

A student who is writing an anti ragging essay should begin by introducing the concept of ragging and how it has evolved over the years.

He/she should also enumerate the different ways in which ragging is categorized and talk about the challenges that it brings to the fore.

Next, the student should talk about the negative impacts of ragging on an individual, such as physical injury, psychological trauma, social ostracism and academic failures.

He/she should also include statistics and relevant case studies to make the reader fully aware of how ragging can bring about immense harm to the victims.

Thereafter, the student can bring forward certain methods which can be adopted to prevent the occurrence of ragging, such as implementing strict monitoring systems, strict action against perpetrators and involving senior students in the process of curbing such activities.

The student can also talk about the rights of freshers and other measures that can be taken to ensure their safety.

Further, the conclusion should include a call to action for all stakeholders – institute administration, parent, teachers and students – to come together to end this menace.

By writing an anti-ragging essay, students can certainly add on to the existing movement against ragging and help make educational institutes a safe and nurturing environment for everyone.

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