Generation gap essay

It is quite evident these days that a generation gap does exist, more so now with the ever-increasing divide between children and their parents.

The generation gap has been brought about by the drastic changes in our social, economic and cultural shifts that have occurred over time.

It can be attributed to the rapid transformation that has taken place due to an ever-growing population, a fast pacedlife, and an increasingly globalized world.

This gap manifests itself in many ways, such as in the way they communicate, the values they hold and the way they perceive life and the world in general.

For one, parents and their children find it hard to communicate with each other due to the differences in their language and terminology.

Parents often feel that their children are speaking in a language they don’t understand and vice versa.

Moreover, their views often differ drastically since the older generation grew up in a time when society was based on traditional rules and values, while the younger generation is exposed to westernized, modernized views.

This can cause a lack of trust between them and can create feelings of resentment.

Similarly, parents may feel that the way their children dress, talk and act is “inappropriate” and out of line with their own values.

This may come as a shock to the children who may feel that their parents are being too overbearing and controlling.

On the other hand, children may believe that parents are overly strict and conservative.

This conflict can have a lasting effect on family dynamics and relationships.

It is essential that parents and their children should strive to overcome this generation gap.

Parents should try to understand their children’s point of view and be conscious of changing times.

Children on the other hand, should respect their parents’ values and opinions and try to look at the big picture rather than focusing on the small differences.

With mutual understanding and compromise, the generation gap can be reduced, providing the essential bridge of understanding and strengthening the bond between them.

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