Write an essay on migration in birds

Every autumn, millions of birds embark on an arduous migration journey.

This remarkable journey spans thousands of miles and often involves traversing immense water bodies and harsh climates.

Birds undertake the migration for several reasons including in search of better climate, to have food and shelter, and to breed.

Migration of birds is an amazing phenomenon to witness and scientists are still puzzled by how the birds know where to go.

Generally they travel in V-shape formation. Flocks of geese fly during the day as they follow a flyway that helps them find their destination.

They have an inbuilt compass which directs them, and their precise navigation skills also help them stay on track.

Migration of birds is also an indication of environmental changes.

Climate change has caused a power struggle between the birds in some cases requiring them to migrate earlier or in conflicting directions due to the lack of suitable habitats along their path.

As a result, many species now become dependent on human intervention like slicing cornfields or newly created wetlands for adequate sustenance during their journey.

Migratory birds form a vital link in many of the world’s diverse ecosystems.

They help to spread the insect population while balancing the vegetative communities in different parts of the world.

Their songs give us a reminder of the joy of nature and this is one of the reasons why people are so enthralled by migratory birds. With human intervention, conservation efforts, and awareness programs, we can protect these migratory species.

In conclusion, migration of birds is a natural phenomenon that relies on a delicate ecological balance and should be cherished and respected.

With proper knowledge and appreciation, we can help protect the migratory birds and ensure that we continue to enjoy their beauty and diversity.

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