Descriptive writing for ibps po mains

Descriptive writing is an important part of the IBPS PO Mains exam. It is a round consisting of essay writing, letter writing and precis writing.

It tests the candidate’s creativity, analytical and language skills. In essay writing, candidates must write about topics related to current affairs and social issues.

Here the focus should be on creating a compelling story that is well structured and thought provoking.

Letter writing includes formal and informal letters, emails and applications.

It tests the candidate’s understanding of the standard format and style of language for each type of letter.

Pre-cis writing is useful for summarizing or making abstracts of passages.

Here the main emphasis is on understanding the passage and using the right words and phrases to summarize the context.

The clarity is also important as it helps the examiner to evaluate the candidate’s understanding.

Descriptive writing for IBPS PO Mains is a challenging task and requires practice to achieve the desired results.

Candidates should ensure that their communication skills are up to the mark and the writing is concise and error free.

This section of the exam is of great importance because it determines the overall ranking of a candidate and helps to selection board to decide on the selections.

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