My ambition essay

My ambition in life is to become a successful entrepreneur and contribute to the development of our society and nation.

From a young age, I have been driven to achieve my goals and objectives, so that I could successfully be the one who could contribute to the betterment of society in as many ways as possible.

This ambition of mine is fueled by the fact that I have always been passionate about creating and contributing something new to the world.

In order to achieve my goal, I have taken it upon myself to study and gain as much knowledge and experience in the field of business as I possibly can.

I am already taking up a course in Business Management and have even undertaken numerous internships in the field of entrepreneurship, so that I can hone my skills.

I look forward to one day succeeding as an entrepreneur and creating new jobs and opportunities for the youth, so that they may have all the resources to become leaders within our society.

As a successful entrepreneur, I would also strive to use my resources effectively to invest in impoverished communities and help them progress within society.

My ambition is not only to achieve success as an entrepreneur but to actively influence the world in its entirety and bring forth change in the lives of others.

This in turn instills in me a sense of purpose as I look forward to playing my part in the grand scheme of things, to leave behind an ever-lasting legacy that will outshine my successes.

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