Citizens essay

More and more, citizens are the forefront of our democracies, not the government.

People are engaging in actions that ensure their voices are heard and their opinions understood.

Citizens are taking responsibility in shaping their own destinies through the power of their words, their actions, and their communications.

Being an engaged citizen means taking an interest in what’s occurring in your community or at a larger scale, advocating for yourself or your group, asking questions, speaking your mind, and engaging in meaningful conversations with those around you.

Furthermore, it is important for citizens to be informed about relevant local and national issues. In order to be a successful and influential citizen, it is essential to read up on current events, understand the policy initiatives that affect the people, and connect with like-minded individuals to create meaningful and effective dialogue and action.

All citizens need to be equipped with the essential tools to create and maintain civic engagement. Resources like public libraries, community organizations, online information and forums, as well as civic education can all be used to increase civic involvement.

Elected officials should also make sure that equitable access to these resources is available to all citizens.

Additionally, it is important for the public to realize the importance of voting and having their voices heard. It is essential that all citizens exercise their right to vote and understand how their voices can drive meaningful change.

As citizens, we have the power to steer the course of our cities, counties, states, and federal institutions.

We are the ones that are responsible for creating the world that we want and protecting the integrity of our democracy.

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