Synonyms for shows in an essay

When writing an essay, it is important to have a variety of vocabulary to convey your ideas and arguments effectively.

While the word ‘shows’ is commonly used to describe demonstrations and manifestations of something, using it repeatedly throughout an essay can make the writing dull and repetitive.

It is therefore crucial to have a range of synonyms for ‘shows’ to add depth and nuance to your writing.

In this article, we will explore different alternatives to the word ‘shows’ and how they can be used in an essay.

1. Illustrates
One of the most common synonyms for ‘shows’ is ‘illustrates’. This word is used to describe how something is portrayed or depicted, providing a clear visual representation.

It is often used when describing visual aids such as graphs, charts, and diagrams.

For example, ‘The data illustrates a significant increase in sales over the past year.’ Using ‘illustrates’ in place of ‘shows’ adds more specificity and clarity to the sentence.

2. Demonstrates
Similar to ‘illustrates’, ‘demonstrates’ is used to describe how something is shown or proved.

However, it specifically implies a clear and concrete proof, making it a strong synonym for ‘shows’.

For instance, ‘The experiment demonstrates that the hypothesis was correct.’ This word is particularly useful when presenting evidence to support an argument in an essay.

3. Exhibits
To exhibit means to display or present something in a public space. When used as a synonym for ‘shows’, it implies that the subject is being displayed for observation, inspection or evaluation.

For example, ‘The artwork exhibits the artist’s skill and imagination.’ This synonym is often used in essays that discuss a particular work or piece of art.

4. Depicts
‘Depicts’ means to portray, represent or describe something in a vivid and detailed manner.

It is often associated with the visual arts and is used to convey a particular mood or atmosphere.

For example, ‘The film depicts a dystopian society where individual freedom is suppressed.’ This synonym is particularly effective in essays that analyze visual media, such as films or paintings.

5. Reveals
‘Reveals’ implies that something has been made known or uncovered, often through an unexpected or surprising discovery.

It suggests a deeper understanding or insight into something that was previously unknown.

For instance, ‘The study reveals a previously unknown factor that affects climate change.’ This synonym is suitable for essays that present new information or discoveries.

6. Conveys
To convey means to communicate or express a message or idea. When used as a synonym for ‘shows’, it suggests that the subject has been effectively communicated or expressed.

For example, ‘The tone of the poem conveys a sense of melancholy.’ This word is often used in literary analyses to describe the author’s intended message or emotion.

7. Portrays
‘Portrays’ is similar to ‘depicts’ in that it describes how something is represented or shown. However, it often implies a more nuanced or complex portrayal.

It can also refer to how a character or situation is represented in literature or media. For instance, ‘The novel portrays the complexities of human nature.’ This word is useful in essays that discuss character development or social issues.

8. Exhibits
As a synonym for ‘shows’, ‘exhibits’ is often used when referring to traits, qualities, or characteristics that are outwardly displayed or expressed.

It can also mean to demonstrate a certain behavior or attitude. For example, ‘The leader exhibits great determination and perseverance.’ This word is commonly used in analytical and descriptive essays.

In conclusion, having a wide range of synonyms for ‘shows’ can greatly enhance the quality of your essay.

It helps to avoid repetition and adds depth and specificity to your writing. While the above examples are commonly used, it is important to choose the most appropriate synonym based on the context and tone of your essay.

So next time you find yourself using ‘shows’ repeatedly, consider incorporating one of these synonyms to elevate your writing.

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