Chevening essay questions

Chevening is an amazing opportunity to study in the UK, and the essay questions can be overwhelming.

There are two main essay questions that must be answered when applying for the scholarship:

1) What do you hope to achieve during your study in the UK, and how will your choices contribute to your home country? and

2) What would you like to do after you have completed your studies in the UK?

The first question requires you to explain what you expect to learn from the experience of studying in the UK, how you would use the skills you acquire, how it will make a unique contribution to your home country, and how it would benefit your career.

It is important to be specific and focused in your response, as it should provide Chevening with a clear picture of what you are trying to achieve.

The second question requests insight into your future ambitions and how they have evolved in the wake of your experience with Chevening.

This is not necessarily a career plan, but it should demonstrate a clear sense of direction and potential activities that you will undertake in your home country which will benefit you both personally and professionally.

It is important to be thoughtful and to link your goals to your past experiences and the goals you discussed in your answer to the first question.

In essence, the Chevening essay questions require you to clearly outline what you want to achieve during your studies in the UK, and afterwards.

With careful reflection and thoughtful answers, you can provide Chevening with a convincing picture of your future plans and your commitment to applying the skills you acquire in the UK to make a positive impact on your home country.

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